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Winning Social Security Disability at the First Step

A social security disability form. Learn more about applying for disability benefits.A social security disability form. Learn more about applying for disability benefits.

Importance of the Initial Application

Most people will tell you that you usually be denied when you first apply for Social Security Disability and that you don’t need an attorney until you receive the denial letter.  Most people are wrong.  An Attorney can make a crucial difference on the first application.

The application and the hearing are by far the most important steps in the Social Security Disability process.  (Under 6% of cases are won at all the other appeals levels combined)  Over 70 pages of documents must be completed during the application process.  Often an answer given on one of the multiple confusing forms is actually used by the government to deny your case, not just on the first step, but in later appeals.

Success at the First Step

Our clients win the majority of their cases at the first step. In recent years statistics show that unrepresented persons win only about one third of their cases at the first step, and, if you don’t win at the application stage, it could be years until you receive benefits. We interview you and quickly and correctly complete your application.  We do the paperwork for you.  Forms are sent to your doctor to bolster your case.  We follow up with the government to determine the status of your case.

Attorneys JB Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi have been winning a majority of their cases at the application level and beyond.  Between them they have 46 years of combined experience in only social Security Disability law.  They have literally won thousands of cases.  Last year alone they won over $5 million for their clients.

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