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Q: What is the process for claiming Michigan SSD benefits?

A: The Michigan SSD benefits claim process can involve several stages, depending upon the success or failure of your initial benefits application.

The process starts with your disability application. The application form can span up to 70 pages, and it sets the stage for everything that happens later regarding your benefits claim. Although the application can seem confusing, it’s critical that it be completed fully and accurately. You must avoid giving mistaken or incomplete answers that can then be used against you to deny your claim, either at the start or later in the appeals process.

If your initial claim for benefits is denied you can request a hearing.  While awaiting the hearing date JB Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi will do all of their power to obtain a favorable on-record decision in your case.  This can happen at any time prior to the hearing date.  We have won thousands of cases in this manner.  If we do have to appear at a hearing, despite our best efforts, we still have an excellent chance of winning your claim. In the disability hearing before the ALJ, you’ll have a chance to talk to the ALJ and answer questions about your disability. The ALJ will use that opportunity to gather information before making the decision whether you should receive SSD benefits.

If the ALJ denies your benefits claim, then you have the option to seek review from what is called the Appeals Council. If you don’t get relief there, then the next step is to take your claim to federal court.

Based on our 46 years of combined experience representing Michigan SSD benefit claimants, your best chance for getting benefits as quickly as possible – based on your initial application – is to have help from a skilled and dedicated SSD lawyer from the start. Our Michigan SSD attorneys, J.B. Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi, Attorneys at Law, represent only SSD applicants. It’s all we do. Our experience and hard work has resulted in an 85% success rate for our clients since 2007. We achieve that by putting together SSD applications that give our clients the best possible first step toward getting the benefits they deserve.

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