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The Imperfection of Medical Imaging

A Macomb County Social Security disability attorney consults most often with Social Security claimants regarding back injuries. If your back was injured and you are planning to file a claim for benefits, read on for some helpful information.

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Back Injuries and Associated Difficulties

  • The most frequently reported problem by Social Security claimants is back pain.
  • Low back pain is the most common injury.
  • Yet, just because the plaintiffs have back injury symptoms does not mean that medical proof is consistent with complaints.

Medical Evidence May Be Misleading

  • Many applicants for Social Security disability benefits have a multitude of symptoms, including shooting pain, persistent spasms, and trouble standing, sitting, lifting, and bending.
  • However, there is frequently a weak association between the results of medical imaging and the complainant’s symptoms.
  • Some disability applicants show bone damage and/or degenerating joints when X-rayed, yet they do not have any indications of back injury (or show very mild symptoms).
  • On the other hand, some people claim they suffer from severe pain but their medical imaging results do not corroborate the story.
  • Overall, the Social Security Administration and your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney both understand that symptoms and X-ray results do not always match.

The Consequences of This Mismatch

  • Administrative law judges are responsible for determining disability benefits.
  • Many administrative law judges still often reject disability benefits because medical imaging results are not consistent with complaints of pain and other symptoms.

Range of Motion

  • Some disability applicants complain of restricted range of motion.
  • But most administrative law judges still do not grant disability benefits to those who complain of low back (also known as lumbar) range of motion limitation.
  • There is research to show that lumbar range of motion is affected by a variety of factors, such as time of day, age, and gender.

The Role of Physicians

If a physician reports that a claimant has limited residual functional capacity, then he or she should provide the reasons for the diagnosis to the claimant’s attorney.

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If you have a back injury and are applying to receive Social Security disability benefits, you should not expect it to be an easy battle. Get the help you need by contacting a veteran Macomb County Social Security disability attorney. Call J.B. Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi, Attorneys at Law, at (800) 331-3530.

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