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Proving Your Disability Symptoms to the SSA

If you think your incapacity makes you eligible for disability benefits, a Michigan Social Security disability attorney may be able to help you present your case to the Social Security Administration (SSA). First, however, you must be able to explain and prove the symptoms provoked by your disability.

Doctor examining a patient's elbow.

Will the Social Security Administration simply believe my descriptions of my symptoms?

An administrative law judge and the Social Security Administration want to hear your explanation of your symptoms, but your word is not enough to fully convince the Administration of your infirmity. Medical findings and records must also support your claims. If the medical evidence does support your claims, the Social Security Administration will analyze how these symptoms affect your working ability.

Overall, Social Security adjudicators (those who analyze disability cases) will weigh the medical evidence against your descriptions of your symptoms in order to form a complete understanding of your disability.

How do I prove that I am a credible claimant?

Proving your credibility is important because a credible claimant can make a favorable impression on the Social Security Administration; conversely, an untrustworthy claimant will probably not receive disability benefits easily (or at all). You and your Michigan Social Security disability attorney can prove that you are a credible claimant by not exaggerating or underrepresenting your symptoms.

Also, doctors, physical therapists, and other medical professionals should support your claims about your symptoms and inability to work. Your daily activities and daily work duties (if you perform any) should also align with your supposed symptoms. For instance, if you claim that your back injury prevents you from performing even the most basic of tasks, yet the case adjudicators observe you consistently running five miles every day, the Social Security Administration will not believe you are too disabled to work.

Social Security Administration adjudicators may want to believe that you are telling the truth but their duties require that they review your disability case with skepticism. If you retain a reputable Michigan Social Security disability attorney, he or she may be able to help you combat this skepticism.

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