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Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits and Part-Time Self-Employment

Social Security Disability Benefits and part time self employmentSocial Security Disability Benefits and part time self employment

A common question a Michigan Social Security lawyer encounters is whether or not the Social Security Administration (SSA) will find that an individual, working part-time in his or her own business, and actually losing money, is engaged in substantial gainful activity (SGA). SSA disability benefits once awarded may be diminished or curtailed depending on whether the claimant is capable of engaging in SGA; the SGA is set at a specific dollar amount.

SSA Regulations

Once you begin receiving disability benefits, the SSA has specific rules:

  1. If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you must report the income you receive in one month by the tenth day of the next month
  2. If you are receiving Social Security disability insurance (SSD), you must report “promptly” when you go to work or start your own business.

The Practical Implications

The SSA does not does not provide a clear statement as to when you are required to send copies of check stubs or other income. That, as cautions a Michigan Social Security lawyer, is why you are likely to be told different things by different people if you contact the SSA. If you do contact the SSA, always get the name of the person you speak with and maintain a written record of all your interactions with the SSA. And always make sure the person you are speaking with understands you are receiving disability benefits and not retirement benefits.

How to Proceed

The general rule is that you need to report earnings in a timely manner so as to avoid an overpayment by the SSA to you. If you are earning less than the SGA amount, in all likelihood you will not have an overpayment, unless you make a mistake.

The SSA disability system is a complex bureaucracy. The fact that you have been awarded disability benefits does not necessarily end the process. JB Bieske, a Michigan Social Security lawyer is available to answer all you SSA questions and concerns. Call (800) 331-3530 today for a no-cost consultation.

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