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Questions about Travel

Traveling and Social Security

Part of the process of being awarded Social Security disability benefits is to attend a disability hearing and possibly testify in front of an administrative law judge. This step is necessary if you have received denials in the initial consideration and reconsideration phases. Attending the hearing with you will be your Macomb County Social Security disability lawyer. The hearing is a vital part of the Social Security Administration’s appeals process, and you should be prepared to answer a number of questions regarding your mobility and travel abilities.

Travel Questions

An administrative law judge will preside over your hearing, and the experience will be less formal than a traditional courtroom setting. Nonetheless, you should arrive prepared to answer questions. Your Macomb County Social Security disability lawyer may suggest to you certain topic areas that the judge or questioning attorney will touch on – and this often includes your ability to travel.

You may be asked how you got to the hearing and whether the experience was difficult for you. In addition, the judge may ask how often you have left your home in the past months or year, where you go when you go out and if you go out alone. If you typically only leave the house with a companion, you should explain why you are uncomfortable going alone. Also, if you experience anxiety leaving the house alone, you should share this fact too. The judge may inquire further into what specifically causes your anxiety.

Other travel questions may target your ability to drive. You may be asked if you own a driver’s license and are physically able to operate a vehicle. If you do not drive or do not own a license, the judge may ask whether you don’t drive by choice or if your disability precludes you from driving. It may also be relevant whether there are special restrictions on your driver’s license, such as the requirement to wear corrective eye wear, drive only at a particular time of day or maintain a handicapped license.


Questions about transportation may also be relevant during your hearing. The judge or your Macomb County Social Security disability lawyer may inquire about whether you take public transportation, and whether you are able to do so without much difficulty. If you experience significant anxiety while using public transportation, you should share this during your testimony. It will also be important to explain whether you have a pattern of getting lost while using the bus or have been known to take the wrong route.

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