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What You Can Do After the Hearing

Macomb County Attorney Social Security HearingMacomb County Attorney Social Security Hearing

If you received your decision following the hearing, you should contact your Macomb County Social Security attorney to confirm that he or she also received a copy, and to explore appeal options if you lost.

When you get your decision

One of the first things to do when you receive the decision is check that your Macomb County Social Security attorney also received a copy. You and your lawyer should have each received a copy on the same day, but he or she may not have received it due to an oversight at the hearing office. This puts your lawyer in the dark about the latest development of your case, and prevents him or her from responding to any potential issues, which include:

  • Correcting any errors in the favorable decision.
  • Tracking payment of your benefit.
  • Appealing denial decision if necessary.

Regardless of the outcome, be sure to call your lawyer’s office when the decision arrives to find out if he or she acquired a copy.

What to do if you lost

Even well-presented cases with strong evidence will inexplicably lose. Fortunately, you generally have several possibilities for appeal. If you lost, discuss all viable appeal options with your Macomb County Social Security attorney as soon as possible. Failing to appeal to the Appeals Council within 60 days of the judge’s decision means you will lose your right to appeal.

Handling attorney fees

If you agreed to an attorney fee which will be 25 percent of back benefits up to a maximum dollar limit established by the Commissioner of Social Security (presently $6,000), the Social Security Administration will withhold the attorney fee and, barring objection from you, send that money to your lawyer after the hearing. You will not be involved in paying this amount (even though the money is yours), but you will have to make out-of-pocket payments directly to your lawyer if you agreed to compensate your lawyer for expenses.

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