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Assessing Disability: What Are the Rules?

Social Security Disability HearingSocial Security Disability Hearing

A Macomb County Social Security disability attorney often must explain to clients the numerous rules surrounding disability assessments. These rules come into play when discussing conditions that severely limit your ability to do meaningful work.

SSA’s Concept of “Meaningful Work”

This work most often involves activities such as standing, sitting, walking, lifting, bending, or completing tasks with your hands. If you have a mental impairment, be sure to discuss this with your attorney, because the rules governing those conditions are more complex.

Examples of Proof Necessary to Demonstrate Your Disability

The following are several different examples of needed proof of disabilities:

  • If you are less than fifty years old, generally, your burden of proof is the greatest. You have to show that you can’t even perform a simple, sedentary occupation where you alternate between sitting and standing. Even if you are unlikely to be hired to perform such tasks, you still need to prove you wouldn’t be able to do them.
  • If you are age fifty through fifty-four, generally, you need to show that you can’t do what is considered “light” work. This usually involves standing or walking most of the day and lifting objects weighing no more than twenty pounds. Therefore, even if you could hold a desk job, you might still be able to claim disability benefits with the help of a Macomb County Social Security disability attorney.
  • If you are fifty-five or above, you have the easiest job of all when it comes to your disability application. In general, all you need to do is show you can’t do what is considered “medium” work. Medium work is typically things that involve standing for most of the day, and/or lifting objects up to fifty pounds. In other words, you can be capable of “light” work and still claim benefits.

An Experienced Professional Can Help

A strong Macomb County Social Security disability attorney can mean the difference in getting benefits that help you through this difficult time. Contact J.B. Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi, Attorneys at Law, at (800) 331-3530 today to schedule a consultation.

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