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Calling Your Lawyer

Calling your Social Security LawyerCalling your Social Security Lawyer

Before your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney can tell you about the date of the hearing, you are only obligated to call him or her about something serious that happened in your life, such as hospitalization.

Is it necessary to call my lawyer about every medical treatment?

Your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney does not have to be briefed on your routine medical care. But your lawyer does need names and addresses of your treating doctor and dates of all medical treatment between now and the hearing, so keep track of such information. It will help your lawyer if you collect business cards of all doctors and give them to your lawyer if he or she requests a medical care update.

You will most likely receive a medical care form along with a letter about your hearing date (both sent by your lawyer), on which you must write down all of the medical care you’ve received from the time you first congregated with your lawyer.

When is an acceptable time to contact my lawyer?

Before the Macomb County Social Security disability attorney tells you when the hearing will he held, there’s most likely no need for you call your lawyer regarding your case. But contact the lawyer promptly should one of the following occur:

  • Your condition dramatically improves or worsens.
  • Your doctor comes up with a different diagnosis of your medical condition.
  • You are hospitalized.
  • You return to work.
  • You are contemplating working full-time or part-time.
  • You move or change your telephone number.
  • You are contacted by a Social Security Administration worker.
  • You have trouble understanding a letter from the Social Security Administration that recently arrived.
  • You receive a Notice of Hearing before your attorney notifies you of the date of your hearing.
  • The judge mails you a form that must be filled by your treating physician.

You may also call your attorney about any questions you may have about your case.

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