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The Administrative Law Judge Hearing

Social Security Hearings ProcessSocial Security Hearings Process

If you were recently denied following your initial application for Social Security benefits, a Michigan Social Security lawyer can assist you in preparing and attending your administrative law hearing. The hearing is not as form as a traditional civil or criminal proceeding, however you should still arrive early and prepared to present your testimony about your disabling condition and its effect on your ability to work. The hearing is presided over by an administrative law judge (ALJ), who not unlike a traditional judge, will ask questions and consider your evidence very carefully. The ALJ will make the ultimate decision as to whether to approve your application for benefits based on the information you provide in your paperwork and testimony.

Your Testimony

The hearing will begin with your testimony, followed by testimony provided by experts or other witnesses. The essence of the testimony is whether you have a medically determinable condition and, if so, that condition in fact precludes you from working. Questions will be asked by the ALJ and your Michigan Social Security lawyer. We can help you in preparing to answer an administrative law judge’s questions. Common questions may include the following:

  • Length of time you are able to sit, stand or work without taking a break
  • Amount of weight you are able to safely lift
  • Your ability to work full shifts
  • Whether your impairment has affected your memory or cognitive abilities
  • How your condition has affected other areas of your life


The ALJ may require additional, more technical, information from expert witnesses. If your job requires expert skill or uncommon duties, a vocational expert may be asked to testify about the specifics of your job duties. Likewise, your Michigan Social Security lawyer may request testimony by a medical expert if your condition is highly medically technical. This person can provide the judge with a clearer picture of your condition, likely prognosis and how that condition may impact your ability to perform your job.

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J.B. Bieske and Jennifer Alfonsi, Attorneys at Law, can assist you if you have an upcoming hearing with the Social Security Administration and are worried about the procedure. Call a Michigan Social Security lawyer today: 800-331-3530.

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