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Social Security Consultative Examinations

Many consultative psychological and medical examinations are scheduled by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for Social Security disability claimants.What follows below is information your Livonia disability lawyer would like you to know if the SSA requests that you submit to a consultative examination.

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What Exactly Is a Consultative Examination?

Your Livonia disability lawyer will tell you that a consultative examination is simply a mental or physical examination requested by the SSA in order to obtain more medical evidence. If requested before the hearing, the disability examiner who is handling your claim at the state disability determination services will arrange the exam. If requested during the hearing level, it will be the administrative law judge assigned to your case who will make the determination that an exam is necessary. The judge will then have the state agency arrange for it.

Why Is a Consultative Examination Necessary?

A consultative exam is necessary whenever the SSA needs more medical evidence to render a decision determining disability. Your Livonia disability lawyer knows that in the normal flow of an application for disability benefits, the SSA will contact and request copies of your medical records from your treating doctors and hospitals, as well as request your doctors to complete questionnaires in order to gather the information necessary for your case. However, sometimes the SSA is not able to obtain enough information for the following reasons:

  • There are no medical records because you have not seen a doctor.
  • You have seen a doctor but have not informed him or her of all your limitations or symptoms.
  • Your doctor, either through failure or refusal, has not sent your medical records to the SSA.
  • Your medical records are illegible, too old, or do not have the information or particular test results that are necessary for the SSA to determine whether or not you are disabled.
  • Conflicting information is recorded in your medical records.
  • Your physician is not a specialist in your problem area and an expert opinion is needed by the SSA.

If circumstances like these exist, your Livonia disability lawyer will advise you that it is likely the SSA will arrange a consultative examination for you in order to obtain the medical evidence it needs.

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