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How to Answer Common Questions Asked by an Administrative Law Judge

Administrative law judges (ALJs) do not handle every disability hearing the same way because each case has a different set of circumstances. However, all ALJs ask a certain set of questions that must be addressed before making an informed decision as to whether the claimant is entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits. Your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney will go over these frequently asked questions with you prior to your disability hearing.


Ability to Sit and Stand

One of the most common questions that almost every ALJ asks at disability hearings is “How long can you sit and stand?” In properly answering this question, your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney will advise you to provide as detailed an answer as possible to make sure the ALJ has a clear understanding of exactly how your disability limits your ability to be gainfully employed.

For instance, if the ALJ specifically asks “How long can you stand?” he or she really needs to know how long you can stand in a work situation where you must stand for a long period of time before having the opportunity to sit down and then get up again. In such a situation, your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney will want your response to provide a detailed account of how your disability makes it hard for you to stand for an extended period of time. In other words, provide the ALJ with the details needed for him or her to realize that you do in fact deserve disability benefits.

Preparation is Key

Your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney will go over the common types of questions asked at disability hearings. He or she will also provide you with a “template” of how to effectively answer them. By knowing how to answer these questions, you will be less nervous and can provide the ALJ with the information he or she needs to make an informed decision.

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