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Estimating Your Limitations at Your Disability Hearing

Social Security Disability HearingSocial Security Disability Hearing

You are your own best witness at your Social Security disability hearing when it comes to explaining how your mental or physical impairment limits your ability to work. But for your testimony to be effective in getting you the disability benefits that you need, your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney will advise you to provide as much details as possible when answering the questions asked by the administrative law judge.

Estimate Your Limitations Questions

The most frequently asked questions by administrative law judges at disability hearings involve how the claimant’s disability limits their ability to carry out day-to-day activities, including working. More specifically, the judge will ask you for information as to how many pounds you are capable of lifting, how long you are able to sit and stand without changing positions, and how far you can walk. Your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney will go over what your specific limitations are before your hearing.

Details, Details, Details

In order to effectively answer limitation questions, you need to provide the administrative law judge with as many details as possible. One of the ways to provide such details and to paint a vivid picture of your limitations for the judge is by giving examples. For instance, if the judge asks about your limitations in walking a far distance, you can give an example of a place you recently walked to, and whether you had to stop and rest, etc.

Your Macomb County Social Security disability attorney may also advise you to talk to the judge the same way you would talk to a friend. Your disability hearing is not a court hearing. Unlike court hearings where witnesses are advised “not to volunteer” information, you need to volunteer as much information as possible. After all, if you do not “volunteer” information at a disability hearing, how will the judge have the information he needs to make an informed decision?

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